Managing comittee Diabetic pro

from left to right:

Eddie Andre, President
Daniella Agathe, Secretary
Antoinette Fong Kive, Project Manager
Jeniffer P. Louis-Perrine, General Nurse Practitioner and Podiatrist
Luciano Larcher, General Nurse Practitioner and Podiatrist
Prisca Bissessur, General Nurse Practitioner for Type 1 Diabetes
Alfred Rose, General Nurse Practitioner
Shirley Speville Hortense, Budgeting
Kenny Casimir, Vice President

It is a great pleasure for us to work with the Non-Governmental Organisation Diabetic pro, founded in october 2012. The Organisation is actively engaged in the prevention of diabetes and improvement of medical care for people suffering from Diabetes. During the year they make awareness in diabetes, carry trainings and organise activities and prevention campaigns for the population of Rodrigues and people affected by diabetes.